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Every Network in One Place
Connect with your fans no matter where the conversation is happening. Publish to YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and more.
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Sharing Studio
Create preview clips, stills, GIFs, and Memes for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and more. Schedule shares and create a mix of media to reach your fans on every social network.
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Smart Fan Comments
See your most influential fans across social and respond directly from Epoxy. Use the slider to discover comments from your biggest fans on each network.
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Activity Feed
Focus on the most important activity on your channel and across social. Get notifications, review and respond to fan activity, and celebrate channel milestones straight from the feed.
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Fan Discovery Tools
Discover and connect with your top fans. See your most influential and frequent fans on each social network. Follow, like, comment or post a custom shoutout to show fans some love.
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Collaborate in Teams
Invite teammates, collaborators or network partners to work on or view your social accounts.
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Learn from Insights
Track your growth and perfect your creative process. Know what to share, when to share it and how to tag it on each social network.
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Manage Multiple Channels
Sync multiple YouTube channels so you can easily manage your entire YouTube empire.