Go beyond sharing simple links and take
control of your audience's viewing experience
Introducing Video Apps for Social
Your videos the way they should be viewed
Custom tailored for Facebook and Twitter, and fine tuned for every screen and device, Epoxy video apps are designed to keep your audience’s attention and keep them watching.
Unlock the power of your social networks
Create & share preview clips of your videos
Create preview clips from your YouTube video and share with your followers on Instagram.
Combine your videos with trending tweets
Your videos combined with trending tweets wrapped up in a viewing experience that drives retweets and favoriting.
Turn video views into newsfeed stories
Take advantage of Facebook’s reach and drive stories about your videos through the newsfeed.
Control your content
Showcase all your content in one place while controlling the videos your audience watches next. Import YouTube channels and playlists in seconds and manually add videos for cross-promotion, highlighting fan videos and more.
Multi-language Support
The app is ready for international audiences with langage support for English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
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