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6 Tips from
Top Creators
Let social media work for you
Social platforms are made to distribute new content and help fans follow what they love. Let the discovery and following mechanics of each platform help you reach more fans.
Create additional content from your video
Top Youtubers create 6-12 stills, Gifs, preview clips, Snapchats, outtakes or memes to go with each video. More things to share give you more unique ways to connect with your audience, tell your story and make sure they don’t miss your video.
Share before, during & after a video release
Tease your video in the days before publishing with stills or outtakes. Share your video to all your social networks when you publish it and share preview clips to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. Some fans may have missed your release, so keep the conversation alive with follow-up clips, out-takes, photo stills, memes or gifs that link back to the video.
Acknowledge top and influential fans
Your community will grow if you show them some love. Reply to, like and favorite comments on all platforms.
Ask your fans for their opinions
Look for clever and interesting fan comments or ideas to highlight or integrate into future video. Interact with top fans who frequently comment and influential fans who have big followings.
Find the rhythm of each network
Look at insights to figure out what content works best, when to publish and how to tag on each platform.
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